Owning a Credit Card just got easier

Owning a Credit Card just got easier

I’m sure the first thing that came to your mind is, “Abeg o” or “This bank people have started”; well, we are not “bank people” and we come bearing good news. Let me formally introduce to you Boon Credit – the credit card for you!

Imagine a credit card that gives you generous limits and no hidden fees, no jokes, you literally get continuous access to cash flow so you can pay your bills (Electricity, waste bill, Netflix, DSTv subscription etc) and meet your obligations even in this current economy. All you have to do is calculate your credit card limit with your monthly income and an estimate of your expenses and begin paying your bills without stress. You can then pay back according to your billing cycle and enjoy amazing benefits. Voila!

I know I might have lost you a little bit there, so let’s go over it again with a simple illustration. Ade – a budding Lagos big boy 👀 - wants to get a credit card from Boon. Ade’s monthly income is NGN  150,000 and his monthly expenses is estimated at NGN 70,000; once Ade provides this information to Boon, Ade is informed he can get as much as NGN 192,000 revolving credit on his credit card. This access to funds helps Ade pay his bills on time, anytime, and with ease! Another great advantage is that the more you use your card, the better your credit score which can further help you unlock future opportunities (watch out for more on this).

Credit cards give you the ability to pay your bills using your card today and pay off your credit card balance on a future date. This means basic bills should not be a headache anymore. You can make payments anywhere (mPOS, POS and online channels) with your boon credit card.

There is a small cost to getting the card.  It’s not free but we transfer it to you as your first interest-free credit bill. So, there is no need to get worked up over it, we have got you covered 😉.

Sweet right?? I thought so too. So instead of overthinking it, go ahead and join our waitlist and be the first to know when we launch. I am sure you know someone that could need this. Kindly share with them using any of the social media share buttons below.

At Boon, we provide easy access to revolving credits with generous limit. We intend to launch soon, join our waitlist and be the first to know.

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