A credit system for emerging markets

Boon is a true credit card company that provides access to revolving credit for individuals who seek freedom, individuality, and the sense of being part of a movement that will always put you first.

We’re reinventing credit

Our service will allow people make monthly repayments for upfront purchases or for what is important to them, with options to pay off their accessed credit over a period. Analytics of data from repayment consistency will provide insights for determining future credit ratings.

Africa can do it, so we are taking up the challenge to create the future we need, lift ourselves out of poverty and give our coming generations the chance to dream to be whatever they choose, knowing that access to economic freedom is less of a barrier.

Take control with Boon card

We’ve created a credit product to help you take care of your needs today while dreaming big for tomorrow.

By submitting a pre-approval request, you grant your permission to be evaluated for multiple Boon cards. Pre-approval does not guarantee an account approval and you must submit a full application for review in order to apply for any offer(s) of credit. Submitting for a pre-approval is how you find out if you may be eligible for a Boon card without impacting your credit score. 

Our Vision

We are a trusted partner providing the platform for Africans to realize their economic aspirations.

Our Mission

We are a financial services provider creating the best customer experience daily through best-in-class products and services.

Our Values


Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to help Africans have a verifiable credit worthiness.

You must meet our applicable criteria bearing on creditworthiness and any other of our eligibility criteria, which we determine in our sole discretion. Credit is subject to qualification and may not be extended for various reasons including, but not limited to, verification of your identity, if the ratio of your debt obligations to your disposable income or the amount of income remaining after you meet your debt obligations does not meet our requirements, or upon consideration of other accounts you may have. Eligible applicants will be presented with an opportunity to link their bank account in order to be evaluated for an extension of credit assessing their cashflow.